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Our developers are amongst the most talented in the Netherlands and available on a project basis and custom solutions.



Our "detachering" and resourcing model is designed to service clients who require onsite resources matching their requirements. They fall under your management structures and become part of your existing teams, essentially, an extension of your current staff-base but remain full-time employees of Entelect.

In this model, Entelect staff are performance managed and trained by Entelect to ensure a consistent level of performance and professionalism.


Our project-based model suits clients who wish to fully outsource a scoped piece of work (called managed projects).


In these instances, Entelect is able to develop a detailed work model and match that with specific resources to deliver on that need within time and budget constraints.


Offshoring to the South African teams is a profitable proposition to Dutch-based companies who often struggle to fulfil their development capacity within the Dutch market. Our mother company is one of the leading software engineering and solutions companies in South Africa and the skills they offer are on par with international standards. 

With this option, an Entelect representative will be available on-site in the Netherlands and will take full accountability and ownership of the delivery of the work whilst account managing and overlooking the engagement.


Entelect is a software engineering company offering end-to-end technology services and solutions through a set of best practice, team-based engagement models that help our customers to go from good to great.


We are focussed on building and deploying qualified, competent and motivated software teams who adapt fast and focus on delivery.


With 550 skilled and highly-qualified software professionals worldwide, composed of Software Engineers, Data Solutions Specialists and Business Analysts, Entelect has an 18-year track record of helping our industry-leading customers realise their potential and become more than they thought possible.


​With offices in South Africa (Johannesburg Headquarters, Pretoria and Cape Town), The Netherlands (Zeist) and New Zealand (Wellington and Auckland), Entelect is well-positioned to accommodate customers within Africa, Europe and Australasia.


Entelect Netherlands was formerly known as Fixx iT Detachering prior to the acquisition by Entelect in 2019.


Broederplein 39, 3703 CD

Zeist, Netherlands


Tel: +31 30 637 9878


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