Entelect, with head office in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, is one of South Africa's leading software engineering and solutions companies. The company was founded in 2001 by Dr Charles Pritchard and is now the home of a significant grouping of the most highly qualified software engineering professionals in South Africa, with a stable and loyal client base. A simple business philosophy of "hiring the best", coupled with pragmatic management, re-investment and an unwavering focus on quality allows Entelect to continue growing at a rapid rate without the need for external capital injection.


Our long term vision is to be the world's best software engineering and solutions company, measured by the value we deliver to our clients, our employees and the greater community.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality software engineered solutions to the world's leading companies by maintaining the highest employment standards, activating our collective potential and living our values.

How Fixx iT Detachering B.V. became Entelect Netherlands

Fixx iT Detachering B.V., headquartered in Zeist, Netherlands was established in 2005 by Ronald Kuyper as a respected software development secondment company built on a solid track record and reputation in the Dutch IT market. Fixx iT bridged the gap between ideas and reality by taking on the challenges of everyday business, providing consulting services, guidance on custom projects, and assisting in the deployment of specialist skills into existing large-scale projects. 


With the ever-increasing demand for skilled developers Fixx iT also built a respected reputation of leveraging the strong historical and cultural ties with South Africa (paired with an in-depth understanding of the immigration process) by hiring the best talent in South Africa and bringing them over to the Netherlands. This reputation and strong business model drew the attention of Entelect, one of South Africa’s leading software engineering and solutions company, who acquired the majority stake in Fixx iT Detachering in 2019 (renamed Entelect Netherlands).

Along with Entelect New Zealand, this investment into Fixx iT (now known as Entelect Netherlands) continues the international expansion of the company and opens further opportunities for its customers, people and business by providing sought after skills, international exposure and the opportunity to broaden their service offering.

“At Entelect, we believe that our culture of driving results for our customers and hiring the best people is one that can be produced on a global scale,” says Shashi Hansjee, CEO of Entelect. “With Fixx iT joining the Entelect family, we welcome an amazing group of developers and professionals who share our commitment to delivering the highest quality software engineered solutions and providing an environment for growth for our people.”


Fixx iT Detachering B.V. was created by Ronald Kuyper in 2005.



The business model changed and we started recruiting from South Africa.



Entelect purchased a majority share to extend their global reach.



Many great and wonderful things such as:

custom solutions and off-shoring!



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