The Software Engineer’s role is centred around software development and as importantly the engineering behind the delivery of working software that meets clients needs. As a Software Engineer at Entelect, you are responsible for more than just writing code. You will find that the process, environment, tooling and even maturity of the client’s software knowledge varies across the teams so the Software Engineer’s job would vary too depending on the situation. So being adaptable as a Software Engineer is very important here at Entelect. You will find that as you transition through different projects, teams, domains and clients that you will always be learning and that’s part of what makes working here cool.

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What we value in this role:


Entelect has a reputation for delivery and it is actually one of the reasons why we have grown so quickly - we don't have a massive sales team getting business in the door. It’s all about delivery and building a good brand. So as a Software Engineer here, your delivery record is very important.


Technical Ability

Technical Ability is core to the different levels but is not just about having a surface level understanding of things - depth is important here. Understanding why certain frameworks are beneficial, in the same light understanding the pitfalls of these tech choices is just as important and sometimes understanding this takes experience.


Coding principles and knowing the best practices around development is important. As a service provider, we are expected to things the right way - clients look to us as the experts so taking shortcuts is not an option. When we leave a piece of software we should have the confidence that we have delivered something that will last.


Software Engineers at Entelect interact with the client directly - sometimes by email, sometimes over the phone but almost always face-to-face. This is true for all levels, so an element of professionalism is very important to us. Being a Software Engineer at Entelect means you are now representing an organisation, a brand but most importantly something you are part of.


Roles available

We are looking for Intermediate and Senior Software Engineers in the Netherlands, primarily in the enterprise technology stacks: Java and JavaScript-based (e.g. Angular, React etc.).

Minimum Requirements

  • Latest CV

  • If you're applying from South African: a Valid Passport

  • Bachelors Degree in an appropriate field

  • At least 4+ years’ experience as a developer in the field of Java and Java-Script

  • Must be willing to learn Dutch (take lessons that we’ll assist with)


Entelectuals are craftsmen and craftswomen who relish the opportunity to work with autonomy. They understand they are empowered to influence change - they are always open to considering and suggesting new ways of doing things. An Entelectual ensures the highest quality of work at all times, driving excellence through collaboration and knowledge sharing, so that they and others can unleash their potential. They understand that with autonomy comes accountability that can bring great opportunity. The work at Entelect is exciting and cutting-edge, however, it is also challenging and comes with high expectations. An Entelectual is smart but friendly and approachable, willing to help and wanting to build something great and help themselves, their peers, their customers and Entelect, become more.

We are a fast-growing company, and we need to keep our hiring bar high to maintain our ethos, our values and the small-company and family-feel we’ve become known for. Passion for technology and solutions, smarts and culture-fit are what we value above all else when it comes to bringing in talent. We want people who are solutions-focused, motivated and who will contribute to ensuring Entelect not only retains its culture but improves it. The moment we compromise on our hiring principles is the moment two decades of work unravel.

Recruitment is currently our biggest challenge - we have many more sales in the pipeline than we have the capacity to deliver on. Finding people with the attitude and ability to thrive at Entelect is an ongoing challenge, hence our commitment to growing individuals. If we believe you have the smarts and the attitude, we will invest in growing your skills. This has always been our model, and always will be.

As a company, we are growing rapidly but we do not have a growth goal. We intend to continue hiring the best people as fast as we can, and to continue scaling the business as best as we can. We are passionate about building something great, and we firmly believe that it is possible to have a large services company with an amazing family and tech culture. As such, we encourage and expect every Entelectual to join us in upholding that culture.


The Entelect Way embodies a core set of principles that describe our approach to software development projects. It relates to three main areas: the client, the team and delivery.

The principles are supported by a flexible set of guidelines that are continuously added to and improved upon, to ensure the best possible outcome of every engagement for the client and team.


Broederplein 39, 3703 CD

Zeist, Netherlands


Tel: +31 30 637 9878



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